Life of a Dreamer

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God given dreams are more than simply images to casually dismiss as passing moments of inspiration. When the Lord provides revelation through dreams, it is as just as impactful as audible instruction. It is therefore imperative that a person understand when and how God is speaking or has spoken to them though dreams. Moreover, it is just as important to know what to do when He speaks this way.

When God wants to show a person his purpose and plan for their life, He will sometimes reveal it to them in a dream. God often dealt with men of God and the prophets of old in the form of dreams. Joseph, Daniel and Ezekiel are just a few of the men whom God communicated with through dreams.

Also, whenever there is a dream, there will always be an interpreter. When God gave Nebuchanezzar a dream, he already had Daniel in place. When he gave the Butler, the Baker, and Pharoah a dream, he already had Jospeh in place to reveal to them the interpretation. God is not interested in keeping men in the dark as it relates to their future and destiny, but wants their understanding to be fruitful.

Life of a Dreamer empowers individuals to recognize divine dreams, understand the purpose of dreams, and to cultivate the truths dreams contain. Skillful and deliberate handling of God-given dreams, consistently manifests life-changing results, and shows forth the perfect will of God in a glorious fashion.