Author, Teacher and Evangelist, Dr. Newton is a sought-out transformational coach and empowerment specialist.  She has earned the reputation as a motivator and a mid-wife for spiritual birthing.

Dr. Newton combines her wealth of leadership, expertise, spiritual enlightment along with her passion to inspire women to aide her in releasing messages that encourage, empower, and transform.

Dr. Newton is a graduate of Jacksonville Theological Seminary where she received her degree in Biblical studies.  She also obtained her Master of Divinity from Christian Leadership University and her Doctorate from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Dr. Newton is the Founder and CEO of the LADY Institute, a Personal Training and Development center that is responsible for helping women “grow from the inside out.”  She also hosts and presents seminars, workshops, and conferences that focus on self-esteem, goal setting and personal development.

Dr. Newton has published many books entitled “When Destiny Calls”, “The Life of a Dreamer”, “The Spirit of Resilience” and “In Pursuit of Destiny.”  All of these are a must read for the believer that is passionate and serious about discovering their life’s purpose and fulfilling their destiny.

Dr. Newton continually sows the seed for personal growth, offering women hope and a new direction toward positive self-image.  Countless women have been transformed by the wisdom and glory that rest upon her life.

Her life has touched thousands as she travels around the nation proclaiming the gospel message.  She is a well sought out speaker for this 21st century because of her uncanny ability to inspire, motivate and transform the lives of those who follow her.