Dr. Newton is a Self-Discovery/Life Strategist and the CEO of “Kingdom Mentoring and Coaching”.  An entity that is designed to bring into oneness, people, their passion and their life purpose in order to lead a more productive and fulfilled life.  Being a coach is one of the greatest joys in her business and ministry.

At KMC, we understand that God has instilled in every person, everything that it takes to succeed.  It’s just knowing how to tap into to this energy that will bring about success.

KMC offers keys to help our clients discover their life purpose and potential.  At KMC, you will learn how to draw from the reservoir of strength, gifts and talents that are within to assist you in putting your life in alignment with your destiny.

At KMC, we offer professional training, seminars, workshops and many other resources to aide our clients in their quest of self-discovery.  At KMC, we are totally committed to providing high-quality coaching and mentoring to enable them to achieve a better life.

If you are ready to discover your authentic self and are not afraid to put your life on the road of purpose and success; please don’t hesitate to register for a free 15 minute consultation at


Individual and Group Coaching

Empowerment Seminars



Individual Coaching- $60hr.

Group 5 or more-       $300(2hrs.)

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Book Individual Coaching

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