Right Vision/Wrong People

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Right Vision/Wrong people is a compelling story that sheds light on the various reasons why your organization may not be producing at its maximum level, suffering financial loss, experiencing constant turnovers, and repeated setbacks.

Right Vision/Wrong people exposes the truth about those embedded in your organization and working behind the scenes that are disrupting the flow of progress, potential, stability, and fortune of your organization.

Right Vision /Wrong people teach you the power of Vision and how it must be placed in the hands of the right people if it is to be productive both in the short run and the long run. This masterpiece, also gives you a compass as to what qualifications to look for when choosing your dream team and how to empower and equip those you have chosen to carry your vision upon their shoulders.

Finally, Right Vision/Wrong people explain why America is in uproar and exploding at the scenes as the people search for truth. Light has dawned to people on the causes of consecutive failures and yet the truth continues to be averted through misconduct and political biases that have caused err in judgment and threaten our constitution. Nevertheless, our nation continues to cry for justice, equality, integrity and for bi-partisanship to end such a toxic government. The question becomes; who is really running our government?
If you are a Pastor, CEO, leader or entrepreneur with a vision and desire to take your ministry, business and organization to a higher level, this book is a must-have and also a must-read!