PINK BAG is a Foundation that is designed to strengthen and empower women who have been broken, wounded and hurt by relationships, sickness and various other situations that may affect women today.  PINK Bags is there to provide hope, encouragement and inspiration to the woman that feels as though her life is over and that she can’t go on.   PINK BAG instills in them the inspiration and the confidence to know, that whatever situation they may find themselves in life, they can.., BEGIN AGAIN!

PINK BAG host an annual event where women from across the globe gather together for the purpose of building relationships, networking and receiving inspiration to carry back to their various locations.  At the PINK Bag ceremony, women are honored for their value, strength, and tenacity.  It is a time of repairing, rebuilding, refocusing and refreshing.

Our logo is strategically designed with Pink being our primary color because it represents the color of softness and femininity in which we as women are made of.  BAG is the Acronym for “Begin Again.”  The Bag symbolizes the tools inside of it that she needs to restart her new journey and her new life.

At the annual gathering, a PINK Bag is presented to the woman that is in alignment with the standard of the foundation and has been nominated by her peers to receive such an honor.