NEW Publications is a Self-publishing company that is designed to help authors get noticed by preparing them for the Publishing World.  We do not publish books.  We offer superior services that aide in making the publishing process smooth.  NEW Publications provide upfront and reasonable prices and honest business practices.  Our standard is quality and excellence and this is what we strive to provide to our customers.  We offer affordable packages while still giving our customers high-quality service.

If you are interested in publishing your story and need a helping hand; we at NEW Publishing are here to help you get started and lead you down the road of making your dream a reality.

Our packages include:

  • Consultation
  • Typing
  • Editing
  • Graphic and design

We also provide individual services as well just in case you need only one or two of our services.


Writing Consultation:  $60


– price vary based on the number of wording


$250 for 40 page manuscript

$350-400 plus for books up to 80 pages

Graphic design services:

(this includes Book covers and flyers)

Book Covers- $125

Flyers-              $60