Understanding Your Identity

I am super excited to be sharing with you my first blog.  I look forward to bringing you motivational and inspirational content that will help forge you on your destiny.

We are living in a day where there is so much information being directed at us, that it is hard for us to decipher what’s good and what’s not.

My promise to you is to bring you good and holistic content that will empower you to become the woman you were created to be from creation.

The first thing I would like to talk about to jump start my blog and that is the message of “Understanding your Identity.”  This is such a passionate subject for me. Consider these three steps to see if you have discovered or need to rediscover who you really are.

STEP 1:  In order to know who you are, you must first know whose you are.  The Bible says that we were created in the image of God and in his likeness.  This suggests that we came from him and that we are not our own, which denotes that our identity stemmed from the garden.  So, if you want to know your identity, revisit the Gardner.

Step 2:  Identity is so much higher than accomplishments, success and achievement.  Most often we tie our identity with what we have accomplished and the things we possess.  But identity is so much more than that. Identity has to do with your value and your worth.  Your value far exceeds anything you could ever accomplish in this life and your worth is decided upon based on the one who created you.  So don’t continue to devalue yourself by allowing stuff to define you.

Step 3:  When it is most difficult is when it is most necessary.  This is something my pastor told me years ago when I was going through a dark period in my life and felt like just giving up on myself.

My deliverance was in my ability to praise God in spite of what I was going through.  I tell you it was the most difficult thing I had to do, but I did it and boy, did he bring me out with a mighty hand!!!

I said that to say, as difficult as it may be to do, sometimes you have to go back to the garden, rediscover  who you are, your true value and your worth and begin to do life all over again stripped of your titles, positions and status, but with a NEW and fresh knowledge of your true identity and a different perspective on life.

You may have to set aside some projects, turn down some engagements and even miss some appointments to regain the kind of knowledge that is going to empower you to live life to the fullest and be the best YOU, you were created to be!

If this has helped you, please feel free to respond back to me.

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